Flow Like Water, says Neptune.
Friday, March 29, 2019 at 3:34PM
Paula Quertermous
Time to learn how to go with the flow, and nothing teaches that lesson better than being by an ocean, river, spring, pond, or lake - or pool or bathtub!  Water has the ability to move us, cleanse us and renew us.
Neptune in 2019  through 2023 is in it's own sign - about halfway through it - of Pisces. This affects us all differently depending upon our birth chart, but a transit of any outer planet will always get your attention! 


Neptune in the sky has moved for a long term stay into this watery, impressionable, sensitive place to gently open the inner artist, the dreamer, and  to open you to the compassionate place you most need to come from when caring for yourself ... or anyone else. 

Neptune is our arbiter of dream states.  You can't really talk about Neptune without talking about illusions, dreams, and ways to elude consciousness through abuse of drugs, alcohol, etc.  Sometimes we're led astray by the quick fix we think we will have if we numb our pain.  The downside of this is the downSLIDE into trouble.  Some of us have addictive personalities and we can't extricate ourselves once we become addicted to anything that keeps us from having our valid feelings. 

Many of us have to hit the bottom of our addiction cycles to release ourselves from this prison. I'm concerned about Big Pharma and the availability of drugs that keep people incapacitated, dummed down or able to avoid real issues that could be resolved.  Addiction/recovery is not the easiest option to take, but it's the surest path to staying alive and living with integrity. Many will be addressing their addictions as Neptune continues to transit through Pisces.

Start noticing what dreams come to you, see what thoughts seem to be impressed upon you from "without" your own mind, as in that still, quiet voice within, from your inner soul, spirit guides or "other" creative places.  You're reaching into nirvana, and the cave of the ancients in some ways.  So much creativity can come through Neptune.

Recognize your state of inner flow:  knowing when you're in it and when you're not.  (Hint: You're not in it when your palms are sweaty.) 

There's a huge difference between the mind's "ego talk" and "intuitive guidance". 

Breath is the ride into this Neptunian lair where we can hear more easily that inner voice which encourages and calms us.  If you don't have an inner practice or tools to use to "welcome" insight or guidance from your own or attending spirit, it's time to learn that the secret lies in your breathing!  Stop. Calm the body.  Breathe in deeply and release the breath slowly, elongating the outward breath.  This will center you so you can stop doing, talking, arguing, being waylaid by fears or avoiding issues.  Get quiet and listen for gut instinct.  This intuitive voice is the opposite of any mental drama dialogue that scares or discourages you from moment-to-moment. 

The ego will always tend to criticize.  Divine guidance will always encourage and repeat the same messages over and over until you act upon them.  Learning to recognize you're in that sacred space is the goal.  It helps with all human fear and upset to breathe.  And then breathe some more.

So simple! 

Open to Neptune's lesson about how to "be in flow" now.  This planet is someplace in everyone's chart by transit, in the early sign of Pisces, which means that all of the following will help you get through your days more easily now:  Dreaming, drawing, meditating, swimming, going to a body of water to be near source energy. In an emergency, a warm bath with some Epsom Salts in it will work wonders.

Find your inspiration and share it with others who will appreciate it. 


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