HERE'S WHY EVERYTHING FEELS CRAZY: Saturn Hitchhiking To Catch a Ride with Pluto by January 2020 (Finally!)
Friday, August 23, 2019 at 4:49PM
Paula Quertermous

Saturn, planet of responsibility, and Pluto, planet of transformation, have both been stirring up the sky in anticipation of their final conjunction (two planets meeting up at the same degree) in January of 2020.

Our longer term, slower moving planet, Pluto, first entered Capricon in January of 2008. It doesn't leave  until November of 2024.

By 2008 we had begun experiencing issues with our world's leadership, banks and financial markets behaving unexpectedly, a housing market creating a lot of loss of homes for those who got upside down on mortgages or other debt.  We a needed then to deal with financial downfalls in our living arrangements, jobs, relationships, etc. Some began recognizing that current issues stemmed from energies that began in childhood relating to arelationships with family members, elders, bosses, fathers, or anyone who was putting a damper on our ideas about personal freedom.  For some, the struggle to step up our faith that we have control over some areas of our life while other areas feel completely out of control became key.

We probably were invited into situations where we realized later that we just "don't want to do 'this' anymore." 

It's affected many physically when partnered up with other planet transits and depending upon what area of your personal birth chart contains the sign of Capricorn and the relationship of your other planets to your natal Saturn. 

With Pluto, you don't feel invited in gently.  It's more like being hit by a two-by-four when you least expect it. There are deep feelings that come from Pluto transits and you can rake up a lot of emotional and mental and physical reactions from the distant past that you thought you had put to sleep prior. Yes, call your old therapist back..............

Then, add Saturn entering into Capricorn December 20, 2017 after years of Pluto preceding it.  With Saturn, there's a lesson to learn, some maturity to grow, and responsibilities for others who are in need of help that would have come up.  There are boundaries to be held.  Structures may crumble.  Ideas may hit an unexpected wall. There is a need to find your inner optimist even when it looks like there's no hope. Dealing with depression may be necessary, because you need to take special care of yourself now when presented with upsets to your mental, emotional and physical balance.


Therefore, we've all been living with this difficult planetary duo for years since they both entered the earth sign of Capricorn.  This is all about our abililty to dig down deep to deal with issues that feel like they will never end.  They will end.  You are healing some big time past trauma or learning to say no to any new trauma from anyone else.  And you will be wiser, more of an activist than you ever planned to be, and will have come through the rigors of resetting your life in specific areas where these two planets have been transiting. 


Some of us are already over-Saturned, depending upon our birth chart Saturn and it's aspects. That can make one restricted,  shut down, or rigid in beliefs or actions.


Others of us are BAD at structure!  This transit will bring up a need to reach any goals, thereby causing you to examine how a change of attitude towards duty and responsibility would really help your life path to move more smoothly. Saturn rules our sense of time.  As in, it's TIME to clean up your act, your basement, your workspace.... for some it's time to grow get the idea.

So now we're on our way to the end of 2019 and entering 2020 with a world practically on fire (literally in many places) and with financial and planetary chaos. Everyone seems to be caught up in anxiety and intense emotions as this pair of planets influences our consciousness and our phyical world.

Pluto and Saturn come to the exact same degree by January  2020,  That indicates a new start with the old issues.  I think we can all see the need of that to occur.  These are two powerful planets that require making changes and owning your own responsibilities and personal power.  It feels dire.  It feels like we literally are holding up the sky energetically so it doesn't press down upon our very skulls. 

It can also bring great reward for working through your issues, dilemmas, relationships and living through your soul's plan for your life. 

After January, Saturn will move forward faster than Pluto.  Some willl feel the pressure ease.  But Pluto will remain in Capricorn through November 19 2024, so the restructuring of changes will continue until then.  And finally, both Saturn and Pluto will be in the air sign of Aquarius next.  Definitely a new energy of inclusion and fairness and honesty to come. 



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