I first met Paula in 1988 and had my first astrology reading by her shortly thereafter. I was very impressed. Paula has a unique insight and is accurate in her observations. She told me that December 17, 1991, was a pivotal point for me, (which was three years in the future). I kept the date on my calendars and waited with anticipation. December 17, 1991, finally came. I was dismayed to find that nothing happened that day. But the morning of December 18, 1991, was a totally different story.  

I was so taken that I started studying astrology. I am now an astrologer too. I still seek readings from Paula for myself as well as giving them as gifts to my friends and family as presents. The recipients are always very surprised by her accuracy and appreciate the gifts.    

I respect Paula’s ability to see the positive truth of a transit, as well as her unique gift of honing in on a person’s biological state.  She has been helpful to me by describing whatever pattern I’m dealing with, as well as suggesting positive uses of the pattern which has been helpful in making difficult decisions.      

I highly recommend Paula and her astrological skills!
Cynthia Avery-Blumbergs, Astrologer


Paula and I met on an online Adoption Search Board since we are both adoptees.  I had been searching for not only my twin, but also for who I am as an individual besides someone's wife, mother, client, patient, chief cook, bottle washer, (well you get the picture LOL). Somehow, I lost myself in taking care of everyone else, and now my spirit is telling me that I need to focus on what it is that I was put on this earth to do. I went back over the astrology reading Paula did last June and realized that the answer was right there in black and white. My gifts of writing and music (I am a flute player), as well as my psychic ability are the vehicles that I am to use in order to fulfill my calling as a Healer. For years I have been trying to fit into the mold of what others told me that I was to be doing, meanwhile, I was slowly shriveling up inside and dying. I can no longer ignore my calling because others do not like it or don't understand it or even have tried to 'forbid' me from doing it because of their own narrow-mindedness (i.e. certain churches that I attended in the past).  I have Paula to thank for shining the light on my path so that I could see who I really am. I am honored to have her on this journey of discovery with me and feel privileged to have her as a friend.  My reading was right on the money and has opened the door for being able to find out who the Creator made me to be and to find the path that I am supposed to be on.  I have always known it intuitively, however until now I have not had the courage to follow my heart and rock the boat as it were. I don't know where this will lead to, but I am honored to have Paula along for the ride.
Rose, Adoptee Who Has Searched For Birth Family


I have had the great opportunity to have several readings from Paula Quertermous.  She is an incredible intuit full of wisdom and insight.  Paula has years of professional experience and wordly experience that bring such light to her readings.

For me, Paula provided not only great insight in future upcomings but also an understanding of the aspects that brought me to the present.  She was even able to uncover some very deep experiences in my life.  Things I hadn't told anyone.  It was a great release to be able to share this information with someone that has such compassion and lack of judgement!  I always found her readings uplifting with a sense of hope for the future.

I would recommend Paula's readings to anyone.  It can never hurt to understand yourself more deeply.  For the better we are able to understand ourselves the more compassion we have for others.
In love and light: Katie Mellon, Dr. of Acupuncture, Pilates & Yoga Instructor




I’ve known Paula now for decades, and she’s a person of high integrity and attention to her spiritual life. She’s definitely a great astrologer, but she’s also a great communicator.  It’s critical to be able to get the information on the chart across to the person in a way that they can understand and apply it. 

She’s really, really good at this!



My 16 year old son had a reading with her last year. I felt like such a weight had been lifted from me from the support he received! He came away feeling like he knew so much more about himself! And from that experience I saw a new level of confidence.


It’s really helpful to all of us to be able to piece together areas of our life. Many times, there are no words for these gifts and Paula is able to find many of these hidden gems when she does a reading.
Denise Salatino Products for Health and Wellness



As an intuitive, I realize the importance of astrology and have been to many astrologers in the past.  Paula is the best astrologer I have ever experienced.  Not only is her depth of knowledge incredible, she is also extremely intuitive and provides exact, concrete, and correct details that are amazing.  Paula is the only person I will ever go to now for my astrological updates.  She is the best.
Lisa Ann, Intuitive


I have had two readings from Paula, and both times I was more than pleased.  Paula is warm, open and charming-keeping things comfortable and conversational.  She gives you the information you need, without imposing her opinion.  Paula leaves room to discuss your journey, rather than simply dictating directions.  I would openly recommend anyone to connect with Paula for the grace of her guidance.  Thank you, Paula - for being you.

Hailey "The Comet" Zureich, Performing Artist and Fabulous Human Being


The astrology chart is an awesome tool that maps the planetary movement as it relates to a person's nativity.  It takes a wonderful and intuitive explorer of the heavens, like Paula, to see through the map with humanity and compassion. Paula can help a person realize that the territory being navigated is so much more than the abstract drawing that is the astrology chart.  If you want to discover the opportunities that the planetary energies and influences are offering, Paula engages the common sense of much life experience and blends it with the spiritual sensibility that can only come from the many years of research and observation of the movement of the planets and their relationship to the cycles of life.  Ask Paula for a reading !
Love, Sherrie P, Olde Soul and Teacher of Yoga



Saturn in Scorpio Dredges Up the Depths 

Saturn, planet of structure, boundaries, limitations, and father relationships, entered Scorpio in October 6, 2012 and will remain in the sign until approximately December 24, 2014.  It makes a brief retrograde back into Scopio June 16, 2015 though September 8, 2015.

This is an intense time for personal healing and transformation.  It's a good time to seek support, psychological help, and to confront childhood issues that you've buried.  Bringing them up to the light will assist overall healing. 

We are likely as a group consciousness to need to delve into the past and find informationi to help us transform these past traumas, deal with shame, sexual issues and betrayals. 

Scorpio is a deep and introspective sign.  There is a tendency to keep secrets and withhold the very information that could free us if we have the guts to confront our past shame and mistakes. 

During this transit, whatever area of your personal astrology chart is occupied by this planet in transit will serve as the arena for transformation.  It will take you down into the depths of your psyche and if you pursue wellness and truth while you go through this process, you'll free yourself and help free others around you by talking about your experiences and letting go of what keeps you from your best, light, bright self.  Your soul wants to get your attention during these two years so you can remember what you came here to do in this lifetime.  Don't miss that opportunity to clear the debris of past pain!  Support is out there. 

So what do fathers have to do with all this?  A father stands for the traditional Saturn energy in your chart.  Dads are supposed to demonstrate to us how the world works.  Ideally, we would all have a father who teaches, approves and supports our growth, standing behind us as we mature into full developed adults. 

Since this sometimes does not happen.... we get "father issues" that do the opposite.  Sometimes we learn from a negative example of how NOT to be from a father who himself may have been a victim of a parental model who was not able to teach a positive example or be fully present.  Without this key support, we can falter. 

Saturn moving in the sky by transit through Scorpio points out these inadequacies in our personal histories and gives us a chance to move on from any limitations set the past.  It's never to late to find a mentor to help replace a negative pattern with a different outlook. 

If you do have a positive history with your father, be very grateful.  If you are in denial or can't understand exactly WHAT happened between you and your father - or if you had a totally absent one - this transit gives an opportunity to explore what a good father would behave like and you can incorporate that image into your current adult self.  It takes some work and a counselor can expedite this for you.

Try not to isolate yourself or fall into pattens of mistrust with others who could bring you out of yourself and make your life feel lighter and more complete.  Scorpio can be the highest and most powerful healing energy and Saturn transiting here gives it more oomph to discover practical ways to improve your life. 

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