Saturn in Scorpio Dredges Up the Depths 
Saturday, November 23, 2013 at 1:57AM
Paula Quertermous

Saturn, planet of structure, boundaries, limitations, and father relationships, entered Scorpio in October 6, 2012 and will remain in the sign until approximately December 24, 2014.  It makes a brief retrograde back into Scopio June 16, 2015 though September 8, 2015.

This is an intense time for personal healing and transformation.  It's a good time to seek support, psychological help, and to confront childhood issues that you've buried.  Bringing them up to the light will assist overall healing. 

We are likely as a group consciousness to need to delve into the past and find informationi to help us transform these past traumas, deal with shame, sexual issues and betrayals. 

Scorpio is a deep and introspective sign.  There is a tendency to keep secrets and withhold the very information that could free us if we have the guts to confront our past shame and mistakes. 

During this transit, whatever area of your personal astrology chart is occupied by this planet in transit will serve as the arena for transformation.  It will take you down into the depths of your psyche and if you pursue wellness and truth while you go through this process, you'll free yourself and help free others around you by talking about your experiences and letting go of what keeps you from your best, light, bright self.  Your soul wants to get your attention during these two years so you can remember what you came here to do in this lifetime.  Don't miss that opportunity to clear the debris of past pain!  Support is out there. 

So what do fathers have to do with all this?  A father stands for the traditional Saturn energy in your chart.  Dads are supposed to demonstrate to us how the world works.  Ideally, we would all have a father who teaches, approves and supports our growth, standing behind us as we mature into full developed adults. 

Since this sometimes does not happen.... we get "father issues" that do the opposite.  Sometimes we learn from a negative example of how NOT to be from a father who himself may have been a victim of a parental model who was not able to teach a positive example or be fully present.  Without this key support, we can falter. 

Saturn moving in the sky by transit through Scorpio points out these inadequacies in our personal histories and gives us a chance to move on from any limitations set the past.  It's never to late to find a mentor to help replace a negative pattern with a different outlook. 

If you do have a positive history with your father, be very grateful.  If you are in denial or can't understand exactly WHAT happened between you and your father - or if you had a totally absent one - this transit gives an opportunity to explore what a good father would behave like and you can incorporate that image into your current adult self.  It takes some work and a counselor can expedite this for you.

Try not to isolate yourself or fall into pattens of mistrust with others who could bring you out of yourself and make your life feel lighter and more complete.  Scorpio can be the highest and most powerful healing energy and Saturn transiting here gives it more oomph to discover practical ways to improve your life. 

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