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Why Have An Astrology Reading?

Being acknowledged as your authentic self and getting sound guidance feels good. Self-awareness is your best catalyst for getting what you want out of life. You are born into an “astrological imprint” shown by the mathematical relationships between the Sun,  moon, planets, constellations and asteroids at the moment you took your first breath. 

The deep matrix displayed by the planets’ arrangements to each other on the day, hour, minute and exact locale of your birth mirrors your soul’s reason for being here and continues to influence your experiences, choices and understanding throughout your life.

You did come with a manual, in fact! The horoscope wheel is that manual and it's something anyone can learn to read with instruction and study. It appears to be like a cosmic fingerprint identifying us as a unique being.

And...we think that we are that imprint. But it's only like a body-suit you've put on for this incarnation.  And, you have free will!  It’s not that hard to look deeper and come up alternate paths to happiness when you see where the roads lead. We often live through limited or stuck dimensions ( or images of ourselves) through the illusion of our imprints until we become aware of the larger connection to authentic self and soul. Then we can break the habits and chains that keep up bound in unhappiness or lack of fruition in our lives. It's no fun to be stuck or feel poweless and too many of us stay in that state when there are alternatives.

A good astrologer or reader will help you undertand your patterns and empower you to make contact with your soul's purpose.  A good counselor who uses astrology will never encourage your dependence upon him or her, but will help you to develop the skills to look inward and find your own answers, because we are all born with the capacity to tune in to our intuition.

By understanding what makes you unique, and observing astrological cycles and timing, you can work on shifting your issues when the timing is right for you.  Planets continue to transit the sky, touching off your sensitive points in your birth chart and creating both stress and opportunity.   

My goal is to help you find freedom from any negative patterning you may have experienced, understand why you’ve been in the situations you’ve found yourself in, and break limiting beliefs.  Then you can become your most fun, instinctual, reliable and creative self! 

What I Offer As Your Astrologer

My knowledge of astrology, psychology, metaphysics and using my own intuition has been honed over a 45 year career. My own unusual life experiences have led me through the mazes of self-discovery-or-die…so I’m a good guide to the underworld of "What is happening here to me?"! 

I understand the possibilities and the pitfalls. I can be a vehicle for your expansion into and beyond all the corners of your life. I can hold space for you to learn about yourself in a safe, compassionate environment.  I do not judge anyone's life experience. 

It’s possible to open your heart and evolve in a simple, organic fashion - and when you have a clear experience of your life’s issues pointed out through a reading, it can center you. Some people come in to perform great acts or make discoveries, or write or paint or dance....others may incarnate just to experience a simple, loving life without complications or collateral drama -- (and the rest of us struggling with a perceived Shakespearan model of daily living seriously want to know how that person is doing it!)

I would love to read for you. 

Personal Birth Chart Reading

You took your first breath on your birth day! You emerged on this planet with an imprint from that moment and that’s what I am looking at when I read your chart.  

This basic reading offers:

  • constructive insight into what your individual imprint is
  • past life experiences, traumas and gifts you have brought into this life
  • an experience that examines your sojourn as a human being
  • understanding about why you grew up in the family you were in
  • details about what you’re working on in this lifetime
  • distinguishing any patterns of denial or growth you may be avoiding
  • mental patterns explained
  • love, relationship, parenting, health and work information


Natal (Birth Chart) 1.5 Hour Reading - $160
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Compatibility Relationship Reading 

Do you need to learn more about yourself and your significant other to uncover the grief or the grace in your relationship?  A compatibility reading addresses three charts: yours, the other person’s, (can be a mate, parent, child, stepchild, partner, boss) and the two of you also create a third, merged chart that interprets the emotional, intimate and psychological dynamic created between you. There's "us" and there's "them" it seems – especially from the point of view of the ego!  The truth is that we all mirror and shadow each others’ mental, emotional and psychological issues and sometimes our behaviors/reactions are not always what they seem.  Decisions about important relationships should come from the knowing heart of an informed, whole human being.  (Birth data for both people necessary.)

Compatibility Relationship 1 Hour  - $200
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A Child’s Written Gift Reading from Parents or Grandparents 

Every child deserves the chance to express his unique self and receive modeling that mirrors and encourages that child physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Each of us has his or her “inner Sun” from birth, but alas, sometimes we get lost along the way!   We can’t even talk for the first year or two!  It’s not easy being a kid – or a teenager, for that matter.  Caregivers are the sum product of their own experiences and even as loving parents and grandparents, we are not always equipped to gently handle a growing child’s differences or needs. Truly, children are my heroes in life!  Therefore, it’s my idea of fun to be able to read for/about children -- and what parent or grandparent would not find it irresistible to know more about the true essence of the child they love?  As small beings, we grow up marinating in the energy fields of the adults who surround us and in many cases, it changes who we are.  Today’s caretakers want to learn what makes a child tick … what the fears and strengths and weaknesses are in that child’s own imprint. The idea is to be aware of ways to create comfortability and joy for that child.  I will write the child's reading and send you the gift to share with that child( at the appropriate age) or adult child.

Natal Child’s 1 Hour Reading - $100
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Solar Return Astrology Readings 

Every year you get a new “plan” by Solar Return, - which is just what it sounds like:  The Sun in the sky has returned back to the same position it was in the day you were born.  It’s a whole new ball game!  A chart drawn on that birthday moment (Solar Return) each year gives a standing template of the year’s issues, challenges and potentials.  By using the angular asteroids that are prominent in the Return, we get emerging detail that explains it all!  The year ahead can be better understood when you are prepared to “see” the symbolic trends you will be experiencing.

A Solar Return Reading - $140
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Astrology and Asteroid Classes


I deeply want to support all the younger astrologers out there who are unfamiliar with the life's work of Martha Lang Wescott (my teacher), who has given the gift of asteroid detail to the charts we astrologers use over decades in her career.  Her incredible body of work can be accessed on her web site:

I began to study with Martha back in the early 1990's.  Her work is incredible, her techniques are stellalr and she has taught me the value in the asteroids, these so-called little Rocks in this gigantic Universe we inhabit. 

Turns out little things do matter. 

Not many astrologers are learned in this kind of art of reading, but it's worth the study and time to let in this information.  It's going to become more and more useful as Pluto enters the sign of Aquarius (2023 through 2043).  So... it's time to share the "little things" that will bring the art of astrology into a deeper model for all.  The medical asteroids alone are deeply needed to square up the total facts of our health and bodies so true healing and treatment can be better understood and handled.

I am always honored to teach astrology at any level.   Here’s what I know about it:

Learning takes place best when we’re comfortable. You learn at your own pace.  I am good at making students feel comfortable in a casual experiential classroom situation. I love teaching what I’ve learned over the past 45 years since I began to study astrology. My Gemini Moon loves words and needs to label experience, so my metaphysical, psychological and intuitive interest paths are very wide and varied (a brain is a terrible thing to waste!). 

Being a guide for others to understand astrology makes me feel useful, expansive and warm, so I keep doing it!

I most enjoy working with small study groups or individuals for private lessons. If you are looking for a way to understand yourself and others in an atmosphere of openness - with sharing useful information as we create space for your brain to take in knowledge - my classes will work for you.

I have been blessed with some amazing teachers over the years and I believe in passing on the art.  Astrology is a science - but chart interpretation is an art.  

Learn the rich language of the planets, Moon, Stars, Sun, asteroids and “other bodies” (yep, there are!) and find out how to interpret a basic natal chart, solar return or lunar return.  Guaranteed, you’ll know yourself and others more accurately when you’re through. 

I welcome beginners, intermediate students, or experts wanting a new slant on astrology through the incredible asteroid body of work created by Martha Lang-Wescott. 

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Motherpeace Tarot Classes:

Learn to look at the world through Vicki Noble and Karen Vogle’s remarkable, tribal, imaginative, scholarly round Tarot deck, the Motherpeace Tarot. This very cool tool has been in my bag of tricks since 1987 and I have found that the deepest core issues in our lives cannot evade the great Wily Coyote and Graceful Goddess images these two amazing women have conjured into an intuitive-bracing deck of cards. These cards glimmer with honesty.

I use Motherpeace Tarot because it evokes deep transformation and creates a sacred and safe space for timely discussion. the tribal,feminist base of this deck pleases me after all these years.  Classes are available for those wanting to learn the art of intuitive reading by delineating the "window of the moment" with this earthy adjunct to the intuitive faculties.

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Feng Shui Instruction: 

Feng Shui, The Chinese Art of Placement, is such a pithy, sleuthy, HGTV kind of thing to study, and I find it all irresistible!  It’s fun stuff -- but it’s serious business too, because changing the energy around your home or office makes an incredible difference in your awareness of your personal needs and positively brings in the real changes you desire. So we work with adjusting the vision and pathways, energy and intentions, tweaking the colors and images and furniture where you live or spend time.  Access the Paula-ized Western version of traditional Black Hat Sect Feng Shui and you’ll be pumped to make the transformations in your home and life you’ve been wishing for, but not known how to jump start.  Trust me, if you knew exactly where the Feng Shui Love and Romance corner of your house was, you would NOT continue throwing your dirty laundry in that sagging, moldy wicker basket there every day!

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I was facing some big challenges in my life, when Paula did a life chart reading for me. Her intuitive understanding of who I was, and what I was facing, as she interpreted the aspects of my chart, indicated what a gifted astrologer she is. I would highly recommend her services, if you're looking for a larger understanding of the circumstances of your life.  Many thanks for the greater clarity that you provided for me.
Liana Haubrich, New Hampshire


Having a reading with Paula was a truly wonderful and enlightening experience for both my sister and myself.  We each met separately with Paula, who gave us such insight on ourselves as well as on our relationship with each other.  My sister was reticent at first to have a reading, but all doubts were quickly dispelled once her session started.  I love Paula's unique gift of intuition based upon a thorough knowledge of the subject that translates into a very enlightening reading. I can easily remember the very visual insights that really do seem to come from a place of love and light.  I later asked Paula to do a reading for my young grandsons, which seemed so very characteristic of them and will help guide me in helping them as they grow.  I would recommend the experience to anyone. All the Best, Paula!
Sincerely, Carole Newton


Paula's commitment to self-discovery and self-acceptance through astrology translates in her work to compassion and encouragement for others. She's great and experienced company for your journey.
Martha Lang-Wescott, Astrologer, Author


Readings with Paula have provided me understanding, guidance, and comfort during times of stress and transition. Her empathic and genuine style helped me to feel safe and grounded as someone new to astrology.  Her focus on personal well-being and empowerment made me feel energized and in control of my own destiny.  As a psychologist, I have been impressed with her understanding of temperament and coping; Paula is truly a talented communicator.  Several of my friends and family members have been equally impressed with Paula’s accurate insights and engaging interpersonal style.  In summary, I recommend Paula without reservation; you will not be disappointed!
K. Cummins, Clinical Psychologist


Having someone read your personal astrology for you is a very interesting insight into who you are. Sometimes we just need that reconnection to ourselves.  My readings with Paula gave me a lot to think about.  I have listened to my recordings a few times and gain more with each listen.  I found Paula’s intuitiveness very keen and I felt she knew what I was looking for.  She is very thorough and explains what she finds in a friendly, down to earth manner.  I was able to use this insight to help guide me through some difficult times and found it very helpful.  Plus I learned I am a good individual with qualities to be aware of and developed in my daily life.  We are each unique, aren’t we?  If you’d like to know more about yourself, she can be a great guide.  I also have had her do readings for my children and they became extremely interesting over the years.  Astrology is fun and Paula is an expert!
Karel, Paper Medium Artist

Paula brings a unique intuition to her readings.  Her readings are thorough, thoughtful, and easy to understand. Most of all, her insight and healing nature are reflected in her interpretations so that it’s very personal and informative.  If you have ever considered a personal astrological reading, I would highly recommend Paula.
Tara Phelps

Paula has been my personal astrologer for almost 13 years. I find she has a unique psychic ability that adds clarity and enables the novice reading recipient a deeper understanding of the astrology reading.

She has additionally read for my mother. I know Paula has a particular passion for working with individuals with special needs and their families.  I was the executive director of a large mental health agency for 25 years.  Paula was on my board of directors for a number of years, and having a special needs child herself gives her an understanding of that population that provides insight for the special needs person and direction for the family they would be at a loss to find anywhere else. 

If you’re looking for an astrologer who will tell you just what you want to hear, you probably don’t want to choose Paula.  Paula will tell you the truth.  If love and riches are on their way to find you she certainly will tell you, but she will also tell you if they are leaving, delayed, or coming in another form or time frame than you expected.  The great thing about Paula’s readings is she is able to provide intermediate steps that you can take on your journey to help prepare you for the “Big Bang(s)” in life!   That way you can still aim for the best but always be prepared for current reality.
PL Crandall, Former Executive Director of Hope Network of SE Michigan


"The whole experience of working with Paula on my horoscope was a wonderful journey. Aside from being very talented and insightful, Paula is a very warm and engaging person to work with. She has a keen sense of humor but also knows when to be serious about the complexities of this work. I really liked the way she would tell me what she saw in my chart while at the same time inviting my participation in its interpretation. After sharing the CD and chart she made for me with my family, most of them immediately had theirs done as well. I find myself coming back to it often as time continues to shed light on the influences and forces that have shaped my life. I highly recommend the experience of working with Paula to have your horoscope developed."
Linda B, California


Recently I had an astrological Reading with Paula. It is easy to connect with her and she narrowed things down accurately without being negative or judgmental. I want to learn more from her, she teaches all levels.  Thank you very much.
Sabine Cunningham


Paula Quertermous is one of the best in the business.  We spent many hours working together hosting for Astronet, the former astrological forum on AOL. It never ceased to amaze me the depth of her knowledge of astrology - especially the work she's done with asteroids, which not many astrologers really know that well.  Her lively and very funny personality made her a complete joy to work with, and I sure hope to again, in the future. 
Eileen Grimes, Seattle Astrologer, Author of “Titanic Astrology”


Paula Q is the rare blend of highly skilled astrologer and intuitive guide.  Paula provides insight into an individual's soul path in each reading.  She is a compassionate and grounded reader.  Paula will make a first time client feel at ease and a veteran take notice.  I feel nurtured, inspired and empowered after a reading with Paula.  My clients also value her skill and compassionate insight. A reading with Paula is illuminating for all concerned!
Lori Lipten, M.A. - Intuitive Medium & Shamanic Healer