About Paula Quertermous

Astrology is a science.  Interpretation is an art.

I began studying astrology in 1974 when I first saw my own astrology wheel drawn out and I instinctively understood its importance without yet knowing how to read it.  Something clicked. As an adoptee, I was missing basic facts about my original tribe and astrology potentially had answers for me. I felt I had lost my authentic self. You don’t have to be adopted to lose your bearings of course, we can all forget who we are through losing our soul's purpose.  Once you don't remember that knowledge you are born with, you have lost a piece of yourself. Lost information can be retrieved. Through that process, we can retain our innate power, birthright dignity and live as an authentic SELF.  Then, miraculously, we are put in touch with the child we were, who was wise; who knew.

That process for me has been a journey of study, reaching into my depths, and finding healing that I delight in passing on to others.

Astrology is the most intriguing system I’ve ever found for unwinding the human experience. Your chart stands for a moment in time – your entry into this life – and because we are connected to the greater Universe through our very cells, the birth chart dynamic carries within it the seeds of our individuality:  This is our unique personal energy imprint. Not one of us is exactly like anyone else.

I believe that delineating the birth chart is another way into reading the Akashic Records, which records everything from the beginning of time through all lifetimes of all beings. I did not realize I was tapping into this "celestial library" until several decades after I began my study of planets and stars. 

I am an astrologer, intuitive, teacher, healer, earth-life path sleuth, Motherpeace tarot reader, Feng Shui practitioner, shamanic healer and journey soujourner, writer, and dedicated seeker. I seek to help my clients find the best possible expression of the soul’s intention.

I have special interests in the charts of those with mental challenges, addictions, and people in the adoption triad: adoptee, birth parents and adoptive parents. I love to do readings for parents and grandparents about their kids! I have the mentality that we can appreciate the one-of-a-kind presence of a that child's being as well as head off any potential trauma at the pass.

I've been fortunate to study the work of many varied astrologers and healers.  It's given me an eclectic and deep understanding of patterns and events we go through as people. I was priveleged to know and learn from a wonderful human phenomenon in the world of astrological knowledge, Martha Lang-Wescott, and until I learned of the incredible detail provided by her delineated body-of-life’s-work of asteroids and their fascinating detail when added to the planets we use, I was merely dabbling in the true potential of this art.  It’s possible to discern many intricate details of an individual or family pattern -- or behavioral or brain detail -- using the addition of asteroids to the birth chart. Martha's work created a new path for uncovering the ways to wake up to our potential. I highly recommend other astrologers and seekers to study her work.

We need the younger generations of new astrologers to invest in this asteroid work because the potential for healing goes up when detail is available to describe "a problem."  For instance, a medical issue can be determined more exactly when using medical asteroids that are active in your astrology wheel at any given time - at birth, using Lunar and Solar Return charts, and otherwise exploring deeper info than "just planets" allow.

It's fascinating to uncover information that allows us to wake up to ourselves! Each of us is meant to experience growth and go through distinct processes that lead to happiness, fulfillment, joy and connection with spirit. If you can get there through knowing more about yourself, who would not want to unwind that thread and reach deeper?

Into each life some rain WILL fall.  Astrology can help determine timing as we endure uncomfortable passports to a new life and teaches us compassion for ourselves in our raw humanity.

We come into our bodies as very small, helpless beings wearing the imprint of our perfectly timed celestial star-clad, planet-studded entry. There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. 

Childhood is the ground of our adult self.  We marinate in our parents' energy fields. I believe you don’t start a book in the middle, so I offer sessions to uncover a client’s unique birth imprint by starting with any past life or other previous influences, moving forward to current life childhood issues, family patterns and personal experiences that formed the person you are today.

From there… we take it wherever you want to go.


I had a reading done with Paula after a period of intense turbulence in my life.  As a therapist it is important to me to keep a grip on my personal life and my emotional health, but I had gone through a lot professionally, relationally, financially, and emotionally and desperately needed to have some insight into what was to come (I needed a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak).  I have a Masters degree in social work and am passionate about psychology and was a little leery about lending importance to the planetary structures. Paula knew very little about my personal struggles, but in the reading described the last 2 years to me in detail in relation to the changing of planets’ energies, etc. (I don't pretend to know what all of that means but I understood the gist of how it related to my life).  It was disconcerting to know that all of what I had been struggling with was somehow “planned out by the solar system” (again, I know nothing about how this all works, possibly my brain is too tiny to comprehend and regurgitate it)!  During the reading Paula told me that the worst was over and that the chart and the Motherpeace Tarot cards both independently indicated that I was going to find peace in a short period of time.  Visibly, my relief was apparent.  It felt like I had been holding my breath for 2 years, bracing myself for the next difficulty to appear.  She (or the cards or the planets) was correct, relief did come.  I would highly recommend her services.  To be honest, I had equated astrology on the same level as being psychic and I was cynical.  It is not the same.  It will be worth your time.
Rhonda Major, LMSW


I appreciated the thoroughness in my experiences with Paula at Paper Moon Astrology.  Paula gave me a CD of our interpretive one hour session, a copy of the Natal Charts, as well as a typed narrative of her findings in lay person terms so that I didn't feel a Ph.D. in Astrology was required for me to benefit from her reading.